It's Saturday morning.

Untangling myself before I mistakenly suffocate under my blush pink and grey blanket I sleep under these days, I bring my watch-caged wrist to my eyes to see it is 11 am. It is 11am!? Sleeping in is not a regular occurrence so it takes a while for my brain to register that most of the morning is already in the past. 

I panic.

Standing up swiftly, I feel congested and constricted and so make up my mind to just do it: put on my gym clothes and trainers, pack my bag with the necessities and head off to the place that has quietly been receiving money from my account all year but has not seen me in months.

I sweat.

Like a lot. But I feel more than good after my workout. Once I hop out of the shower, feeling clean from head-to-toe and pull on some clean clothes after lathering up my skin with my latest body lotion of choice, I can't help but stare at my reflection as I walk out of the changing room.

"I have let myself go".

As soon as the thought pops into my head I walk my drained body to Superdrug and pamper myself. Although, "pamper" may be the wrong word to use as threading my eyebrows, chin and neck (yeah, I may be turning into a werewolf; I'll keep you posted) switches on my tear glands instead of washing an overwhelming sense of calm over me. However, once I am shown the results of that mini torture session, the tension in my shoulders disappear and I leave the chair one very satisfied customer. I march my way up and down the aisles of Superdrug and leave with a bag full of goodies including my first ever Sally Hansen nail polish in a shade I have not worn in years despite it being my all time favourite

At home now.

Gobbling up a delicious wrap from Pret and washing it down with one of their revitalising smoothies I begin to feel good about myself again. Taking care of one's self is unsurprisingly quite important; it is funny how often I forget that. Sitting back on the red and only sofa in my living room, I smile to myself: happy that I took the first step towards a more content version of myself. 

Now, step two...

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