Imagine my surprise last month when my good friend Emily told me she saw a poster for a film festival showcasing Korean films in London this November (3rd - 17th November). I was more than ready to book as many coach tickets as necessary to go down South to tick off my ever growing list of Asian films I have watched this year alone. However, my bank account was only too happy to inform me that unless I want to dip back into the overdraft I have painstakingly crawled out of I should just be content in knowing that such a festival exists.

That obviously wasn't going to happen.

I trawled through the London Korean Film Festival's website to find that it is organised by the Korean Culture Centre UK, has been running for 11 years now and will be touring (18th - 27th November) the UK as well. And as luck would have it Manchester is one of the cities that will be showcasing a couple of the films from the festival's line up this year at a cinema no other than my home away from home - HOME. It was then that I truly believed that I was back on the film fairies' good books. 

Cart  by Boo Ji-young //  Source :  London Korean Film Festival

Cart by Boo Ji-young // Source: London Korean Film Festival

This year the LKFF has decided to have a special focus on films about Korean women made by female directors and one of the two films that will be on at HOME that fits that bill is Cart by the talented Boo Ji-young (Myselves; A Time to Love; Sisters on the Road). The other film that will be screened is Yourself and Yours by the celebrated auteur, Hong Sang-soo (Right Now, Wrong Then; In Another Country; The Day He Arrives) . Cannot wait to see them and let you all know what I thought of them. And who knows, might even see some of you there.