I must say this has been quite an indelible year for many reasons - some, if not most, very poignant. These last few weeks have been some of the weirdest and hardest for me and I believe I am ready to call it a day for this month. However, it is Christmas Eve which means I can definitely feel the warmth of Christmas: I am still in bed even though it is noon, thinking of an appropriate time to get up and munch on some mince pies, excited to meet up with another IG friend later on this afternoon, pleased I don't have to think about work until the new year and at peace to know that my nearest and dearest are all OK.

Despite the... what shall we call them? Obstacles? Yes, obstacles. Despite the obstacles before me, I have decided to set down my baggage, stretch out all my muscles (& most organs) and take this holiday break as a time to regroup; to set aside all the negativity and fears even but for a moment and entertain the idea of a better year ahead. And I shall be doing all of this whilst watching some Christmas classics - think Die Hard, Love Actually, LoTR and HP. Cannot go wrong with those I tell ya!

Anyway, I pray you are all spending some quality time with your family and friends wherever you are on this planet (or others...?) and that you are bathed in love. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a successful Boxing Day sale adventure!!

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