Starting a new sketchbook can be quite daunting - even more so when your skill level is that of a newborn.

Being the stationery and art supply lover that I am, I have amassed a number of sexy sketchbooks which is more than that of completed ones. And in a bid to fully #EmbraceImperfection in beautifully bound sketchbooks filled with creamy, artfully made paper I have watched a number of YouTube videos, gazed at wonderfully curated art-centred Instagram pages and read a handful of art books to "research" ideas on how to go about filling my sketchbook. In case you haven't twigged it already, I have a knack for not jumping into new territories feet first - the allure of procrastination and over-planning is strong folks.

That being, one concept that crept up and made me giggle was that of Blind Contour Drawing. The first time I heard of the phrase was in Minnie Small's '30 Ways to Fill a Sketchbook' series, however it was Yuko Shimizu's 'Learning How to Draw: A Mindset, Method and Exercises' Skillshare class that really broke through any barriers I was subconsciously building when it came to defacing my sketchbook. I grabbed a bunch of printer paper, sat in front of a mirror and began to create a rather comical self-portrait. And just like that, I have begun to joyfully and freely fill my Moleskine sketchbook.

If you are unsure of how to start your new sketchbook, I suggest creating a blind contour drawing of yourself or anything really. It would also make a killer first page as is or coloured in.