' ATOM: SMASH ' (21 July 17) -  part of the   Co:LAB Festival  || Photo courtesy of  The Royal Exchange

'ATOM: SMASH' (21 July 17) - part of the Co:LAB Festival || Photo courtesy of The Royal Exchange

Walk around the wet-one-day-dry-the-next streets of Manchester and you will notice a bunch of intriguing posters dotted around the city hinting at the works of art headed our way this month.

As it is festival season, I am proud to say I have already gotten one under me belt - Parklife, I shall write about you one day. However, for those of you who are yet to jump on the festival train because of exams or work or the lack of funds preventing you from jumping on a plane to warmer terrains further afield, fear not (!) as there are a few closer to home to keep you entertained in the coming weeks like the Manchester International Festival,  Flare Festival and Co: LAB Festival.

SAMPHA + PAULi   @ Albert Hall (5th July '17) -  part of   MIF  ||  Source :  The Guardian

SAMPHA + PAULi @ Albert Hall (5th July '17) - part of MIF || Source: The Guardian

Not going to lie, I did not know much about MIF before I combed through their programme which is brimming with enticing pieces of work by artists from all over the globe. Established back in 2005, the world's first festival to showcase new, original artwork and special events apparently pops up in Manchester biennially. Known to have commissioned and presented the work of well-known artists from across the world such as FKA Twigs, Björk and Steve McQueen, this year's line up is looking mighty impressive too. Found out a week too late that Sampha is even making an appearance but it's ok, seeing him live at Parklife this year is a memory I still own so we're good.

'  ONE  ' (4th & 5th Jul '17) -  part of   Flare Festival  || Photo courtesy of  HOME

'ONE' (4th & 5th Jul '17) - part of Flare Festival || Photo courtesy of HOME

The first two weeks of July are rammed with productions waiting to be seen, some of which are part of Flare Festival: an international festival celebrating new theatre from 4th - 8th Jul '17 on stages across the city. A slight unnerving but quite intriguing immersive performance called Blind Cinema (5th - 6th Jul @ 1pm || The old Cornerhouse Building) caught my eye the other day. Apparently the audience is to sit blindfolded as a group of kids explain a film only they can see in hushed tones alongside a soundtrack with no dialogue. (Un)Fortunately, I am at work at that time so I hope I one day meet someone who was able to attend the show and can tell me how it felt. Another show I would quite like to see is ONE by BOG (4th - 5th Jul @ 8pm || HOME), an award-winning theatre collective as it promises a musical performance written for 4 voices but to be performed by one owned by Lisa Verbelen. If I manage to sit in on it I will of course report back. 

'  Love Letters from Blackpool  ' (21 Jul '17) -  part of  Co:LAB Festival - Photo Courtesy of  The Royal Exchange

'Love Letters from Blackpool' (21 Jul '17) - part of Co:LAB Festival - Photo Courtesy of The Royal Exchange

And nearing the close of July, The Royal Exchange are hosting a 3-day festival (Co:LAB Festival: 21st - 23rd of July) which will put a spotlight on some of the most recent recent pieces of work of the next generation of theatre-makers based in the North West. From comedy cabaret to art installations, this festival programme is filled with events where you decide how much you want to pay for it (yup!) . A show I will definitely be going to see is 'Love Letters from Blackpool' as its blurb tells me it may be a comedic review on love based on both the artist's anecdotes and those of some locals of the seaside town. Doesn't that sound like a great way to end your day? 

* * *

With all that's going on this month, it is highly possible our paths will cross one way or another - if it does, feel free to say hello. But even if it doesn't I hope you have fun this month! 

P.S. If you are a fan of Oreo cookies and you still haven't tried out their ice cream sticks trust me, you are missing out. Ok, bye!