'  NUCLEAR  ' (18th Nov 2017)  presented by   BLACK GOLD ARTS FESTIVAL  &  CONTACT  ||  Photo courtesy of    Contact

'NUCLEAR' (18th Nov 2017) presented by BLACK GOLD ARTS FESTIVAL & CONTACT || Photo courtesy of Contact

A recurring theme in the theatre productions I have seen recently has been 'voices of the future' and Contact's autumn programme this year is no different especially as young people were part of its curation. There are a number of exciting shows to see in the near future from this particular theatre hub one of which is currently looking for Man City fans of all ages to be a part of.

'  WE'RE NOT REALLY HERE - A FOOTBALL OPERA  ' (20th - 23rd Sep 2017) ||  Photo courtesy of    Contact

'WE'RE NOT REALLY HERE - A FOOTBALL OPERA' (20th - 23rd Sep 2017) || Photo courtesy of Contact

'We're Not Really Here - A Football Opera' (20th - 23rd Sep '17) is an intriguing show that does a 180 on theatre etiquette by shining a spotlight on football fans sat in the stands and giving the audience a unique chance to experience a football game the way only footballers do. If you are interested in living out a long lost or newly found dream of being on stage and are a Man City fan (or know of someone who is) then why not contact Kyle at Contact (ha!) for more information regrading rehearsals and the like.

'  LE GATEAU CHOCOLAT: DUCKIE  ' (24th - 25th Oct 2017) ||  Photo courtesy of    Contact

'LE GATEAU CHOCOLAT: DUCKIE' (24th - 25th Oct 2017) || Photo courtesy of Contact

As we all know, October is deemed to be the best month of the year around these parts and this year it is already hinting it will be doing its best to retain that title. For example, Lemn Sissay will be giving a dramatic reading of his one-man play Something Dark on a stage at HOME as part of Orbit Festival this year on the 13th of October. And close to the end of the month (24th - 25th Oct '17 @ Contact)  Le Gateau Chocolat will be sharing his reimagining of The Ugly Duckling in his family-friendly show Duckie and will be using the platform to tackle some topical issues concerning acceptance. I cannot wait!!

'  CHERYL MARTIN: WHO WANTS TO LIVE FOREVER  ' (17th - 18th Nov 2017) ||  Photo courtesy of    Contact

'CHERYL MARTIN: WHO WANTS TO LIVE FOREVER' (17th - 18th Nov 2017) || Photo courtesy of Contact

In November you will find the event, Nuclear in full swing as it celebrates Black performances on stage such as 'Keisha Thompson: Man on the Moon' (21st - 25th Nov '17) which is about an attempt to mend the fractured relationship between a father and daughter with time, books & letters and; 'Cheryl Martin: Who Wants to Live Forever' (17th - 18th Nov '17), a spoken word performance that touches on the memories we make, friendship and a woman's admiration of songs by Billie Holiday. Both of which I look forward to seeing as well!

I was lucky enough to hear more about Kate O'Donnell's show 'You've Changed' (10th -11th Nov '17 @ The Lowry) at Contact's Autumn Release press event and I was giggling from the start to the end of her mini interview. 'You've Changed' is based on Kate's transition story and promises to tell it with the use of songs, dance and humour whilst discussing gender and it is perceived by society. Let's just say these dates have been marked on my calendar :). 

* * * 

These are but a few of the exciting theatre performances in store for us this coming autumn. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, there are many more shows Contact have lined up covering an array of genres - find out more here.  Hopefully we will bump into each other in the coming months and swap stories about the shows we've seen lately.