I believe in shea butter as a core value too #DecoloniseAndMoisturise.

And I think about the times when I have to speak truth... it feels like I am falling out that plane. It feels like the moment when I am at the edge of the plane where I am like, ‘you shouldn’t do this’, but then I do it anyway because I realise I have to. Sitting at the edge of that plane and kinda staying on that plane is comfort to me. And I feel like everyday I am speaking truth against institutions and people who are bigger than me and just forces that are more powerful than me, I feel like I am falling out of that plane. But I realised comfort is overrated. Because being quiet is comfortable. Keeping things the way they’ve been is comfortable. And all comfort has done is maintained the status quo so we’ve got to get comfortable with being uncomfortable by speaking these hard truths when they are necessary. 
— Luvvie Ajayi