Jude Christian - Nanjing_WML.jpg

Walking into Quay House with the lovely Jude Christian on a sunny Monday morning is one of the many reasons why I love my job. The director of OthelloMacbeth, which was on at HOME late last year, is bringing her beautiful, emotional and powerful one-woman show, NANJING, to the Royal Exchange Theatre this week and I cannot wait for people to come see it.

For this production, however, she will be handing the director’s chair to Elayce Ismail and stepping onto the stage to share a personal story that explores what it means to be mixed-race, the importance of hearing about parts of history like the Nanjing Massacre and so much more.

And at 2.30pm today on the Becky Want radio show, you’ll get to hear what Jude had to say about her show & her career on a bright Monday morning. I find it fascinating and oddly familiar that making my way to Media City for a 10.30am pre-record is now part of what I do. Being in a position to meet the creatives behind some of the amazing work we, the audience, are invited to see and hear how it has all come about AND help spread the word is something I hope I never take for granted.