Remember those days when reading wasn’t a chore?

For most of you this has never been the case. Reading has always been and will always be a pure act: connecting you to a far away world or one that’s painfully close, coaxing you to explore its contents whist undressing you. But for some us, reading lost a bit of its allure due to a number of things. For me? Reading too many non-fiction books, growing too attached to the ease of watching & listening to stories unfold. So, this year, after analysing my Goodreads account and therefore my past reading habits, I have decided to set myself a reading challenge… like I do ever year. Except this time I am doubling the number of books.


I shall read 24 books by the end of this year and watch not only my mind expand but my vocabulary and love for reading and writing. This works out to a mere 2 books a month - child’s play right? However, I must confess… I never meet my usual reading challenge. But what is that saying? Shoot for the stars and land n the moon?

These are the two books I chose for January: Celeste Ng’s celebrated Everything I Never Told You and Brené Brown’s beloved Daring Greatly. And I am proud to say I started both and unsurprised I finished neither in January ha. BUT! I have now finished Everything I Never Told You and boy was it everything I ever needed! I think the book deserves it’s own post so I won’t say more. Actually, I will say this now: READ IT. I will wait for you as I catch up on Brené’s eye-opening book and the two books I have pegged for February.

Watch this space…