The Storyboard



I won't say I am overflowing with story ideas but there are a handful that have come to play with me and nudged me (some harder than others) when I've (un)knowingly played hard to get. At first I only considered sharing them using words alone but over the last few years, I have grown to see and fall in love with the power of illustrations and have decided to share my stories with additional elements to enhance the reading experience.

And so, The Storyboard Project was born. 



This imperfect, evolving storyboard project will serve as evidence of one girl's attempts at becoming not only a better storyteller, but an illustrator and graphic designer as well. The hope is for me to create storyboards for my stories as they'll help me to not only visualise the worlds but also eagerly find The End. Feel free to follow along on this journey and even share your creations too if you want to. This is a safe place.

Although, there is only one problem...


I cannot draw.


Make good use of the mountain of art supplies I own, the many art books I have collected and the plethora of art tutorial videos available on Youtube and Skillshare; maybe, even take a class or two. It won't happen overnight, I know, but I am tired of only dreaming about these things - I am ready to jump in!