Right now I am not sure what this space is meant to be or what it will grow into. I know I need a place to play, to roam free and evolve and I think that this is it. Time will tell I am sure but until then I will focus on the here and now. 

I could be formal and direct and hit you - yes, you reading this post - with 20 plus facts about me but I say we have plenty of time to get know each other. For now, I will take things slow and test the waters as they say. I doubt anyone will see this post in the age where everyone has at least 3 blogs on the go but I felt deep in my gut that I needed a quieter place to find my voice and make myself useful. 

I know that I have not said much at all so I shall leave you with a quote that has given me much to think about these past few months:

Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?
— L. M. Montgomery
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