'  Pajama Men - 2 Man 3 Musketeers   ' //  Photo Courtesy of  HOME

'Pajama Men - 2 Man 3 Musketeers ' // Photo Courtesy of HOME

October brings with it the much loved (by me) autumn season, the cool breeze, deep reds and burnt oranges, pumpkins, jumpers, a wave of ink illustrations, the craving of warmth and the news that HOME is hosting an international theatre festival (Thur 29 Sep - Sat 15 Oct 16) which is showcasing 11 critically acclaimed productions from the 2015 and 2016 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 

'  A Gambler's Guide To Dying  ' by   Gary McNair  //  Photo Courtesy of  HOME

'A Gambler's Guide To Dying' by  Gary McNair // Photo Courtesy of HOME

ORBIT Festival’s programme is filled with not only a range of comedic, dramatic, tragic and/ or topical performances but workshops and discussions hosted by the participating performance artists as well. Three performances that have caught my eye so far are ‘A Gambler’s Guide To Dying’ by the award-winning writer and performer Gary McNair; ‘Scherzo: For Piano and Stick’, a layered performance wielding dance, poetry and music to share its story - the original score will be played live by Nikola Kodjabashia; and 'Pajama Men: 2 Man 3 Musketeers', a double act that is said to have won world-wide acclaim for its innovative, comedy-infused storytelling.

Featuring a mix of Fringe Festival award winners, sold-out shows, critically acclaimed work, and audience favourites, all the productions unafraid to push theatrical boundaries and highlight what can be achieved with a small budget and a lot of imagination.

If this festival sounds like it's right up your street then why not check out the full programme to see if one or more theatre productions and/or workshops tickle your fancy. I'll be checking out a few myself so who knows, we may bump into each other :).