I cannot remember learning my 10 times tables but I do remember them being my favourite to master after the 1 times table. It was a breeze. Adding on those zeros? Not much effort at all.


I spent my 10th birthday in a 3rd-floor apartment in a warm Port-Harcourt, Nigeria sat on the floor with a massive smile on my face as I unwrapped a number of Mary-Kate & Ashley 'So Little Time' Books and DVDs of my soon-to-be favourite films, wishing I could get stuck in instead of getting ready for a party that was mostly attended by my mum's friends rather than my own as I did not have that many myself back then.


Back in '06, I finished my last year at high school in Nigeria, unsure of what my future held, happy to be done with that chapter of my life, eager and scared to jump back into the English educational system as my parents confirmed that I'd be going to uni in the UK but before that I had to this A-Level malarkey. That summer my parents whittled down the possible boarding schools I could be placed in and all I could think about was receiving my own version of a Hogwarts letter - Pottermore tells me I'm a Ravenclaw. I'm more than okay with that. Needless to say, I was excited and then surprised at the fact that my 2 years there were magical... just not the HP way... sadly - actually, I'm okay with not having to face a deadly adversary year after year. That poor boy. Who here has discovered their Patronus yet? Mine's rare apparently: a Granian Winged Horse.


I have not been a size 10 in a long while; be it tops or bottoms. This fact bothers me more than it should. However, when it comes to trainers I am a size 10; have been for a while. This fact also bothers me as I have to get mine from the men's section and it appears men and I do not have the same taste in shoes. This is my not-good-enough reason for not being able to go for a run.


I have never understood the significance of the last 10 seconds of any anticipated moment. Like why not 17 seconds? Is there not enough tension then? Or 6 seconds? Does that not given give enough time to change your strategy or accept your fate? Who decided on 10? I guess it sounds better and is easier not to mess up...?


During my 1st year at boarding school I met a lot a new people from all walks of life. Some interesting, weird and funny others slightly annoying, mean and judgemental. It was a shock to the system but one I do not regret as I met some of my favourite humans there. One, a cousin I did not even know about until her mother saw my name on the door of her daughter's room and let us both know we were related - as far as roommates go, she was pretty awesome. Another, a sister from another mister who challenged me in ways that I had never been before and helped widen my view on life - always kept me on my toes and listened to me go on and on about both the big and very little things that happened to me.


In the 10th year of the 21st Century I was the closest I have ever been to falling in love. It was exhilarating and depressing and, honestly, quite scary. It amazed me how your mind and heart could recalibrate in a way that colours your views and habits and diction and interest in such unanticipated ways. Do I need to point out that I never voiced my feelings out loud? Well, at least not where he was within earshot, obviously.


Ten years. A lot can happen in 10 years. What am I saying? A lot has happened in the last ten years. I graduated from uni and my 1 & 10 times table are the only ones I can confidently remember; I moved into my own 3rd-floor apartment where I have had birthday parties with my own friends in attendance; I have managed to hold onto a job that I may not love but has taught me quiet a lot; I have dreamt big and had a taste of what some could be. And I am definitely not the same person I was 10 years ago - and boy is that a good thing haha. Honestly, some of the theories I had... I wish I had kept a record of them as they were funny. I remember that much.


A person that can attest to my evolution, however positive and negative it has been so far, is that sister from another mister I met during my 1st year of "independence". It dawned on us sometime last year that we would have known each other for TEN FREAKING YEARS come September 2016 and promised that we would do something to celebrate that fact.


On the 24th of September 2016 my sister from another mister and I met up in York and had a rather fantastic time taking a trip down memory lane - comparing our teenage problems to our more grown-up ones - and acknowledging the women we are now over multiple cups of tea, Cornish pasties and chocolate.  If you have never had a Cornish pastie you need to change that as soon as you can. The weather was good, the location was beautiful and the company was ten-rrific! Yeah... let's just let that one slide okay? 

Your turn.

What 10 facts about yourself can you think of that are related to the number 10? The memories that crop up may surprise you.