A few weeks ago my sister sent me a link to a fantastic ad campaign by NikeWomen (#BetterForIt). All I kept on saying mid-laugh was that whoever came up with the idea needs to be given a round of applause and the folks that actually made it happen need to be given an award of some kind. But it appears I have gotten ahead of myself.


To showcase some of their activewear and the features of their fitness app, Nike created a short mini-series called 'Margot vs Lily' that came across as a well-made web show that really hit the nail on the head on what life is like today. Directed by Tricia Brock (Orange Is the New BlackMr Robot; Girls), 'Margot vs Lily' is about two sisters who could not be more different: Margot, a carefree social butterfly was played by Brigette Lundy-Paine (Irrational Man) whilst Lily, a career driven fitness fanatic was played by Samantha Marie Ware (Glee). They come head-to-head one New Year's eve and set themselves a challenge that forces them to question their perspective on things. The enthralling series is comical, relatable, oddly motivating and one that I have watched a couple of times. It definitely struck the right balance between being entertaining and marketing the values the company stands for. I was itching to dust of my running shoes and make plans to re-evaluate the future of my own sportswear collection - those thumb holes!! 

If you have not seen it yet or are still a bit hesitant then I implore you check out the trailer below or just get stuck in right away