With a little heat, the morning of my 27th birthday slowly begun with me finding peace within the struggle. That is to say, I popped on a Yoga With Adriene video and she had me holding a pigeon pose which forced me to relax despite the pain so long as it felt good - which it inevitably did. I, unfortunately, proceeded to spend 7.5hrs of the day at work doing things I'd much rather someone else was in charge of whilst I ate my weight in cake but we cannot have it all eh? The day was not a total dud though as that evening Lemn Sissay delivered a powerful, dramatic reading of his play Something Dark* just for me (... and a few hundred other people).

' Something Dark  ' by   Lemn Sissay  (13th Oct 2017) ||  Source : Photo courtesy of  HOME

'Something Dark 'by Lemn Sissay (13th Oct 2017) || Source: Photo courtesy of HOME

I arrived at the theatre with an open mind and by the end of his frenzied, passion-filled performance, I walked out with a busy one, scrambling to digest the themes drenching Something Dark: life as a child of the state; the meaning of family; loneliness; the consequences of hiding behind walls of darkness (un)knowingly rooted in our minds; abuse; the importance of standing up for and being honest with oneself; the power of words, language... The way he wielded his words to crack open the care system, vulnerability, (in)voluntary self-censoring was both hard-hitting and welcoming; the show, imbued with a sense of safeguarding what is right for all, was a gift I never knew I needed - a treat I happily hold dear.

October has been incredibly good to me this year and I am beyond grateful. So far it has seen this blog of mine turn 5, encouraged me to speak feely, witnessed me embrace my '27 Years Young' milestone and opened a few doors which could very well bring me closer to my truth. And that truth? I cannot definitively define it right now but I would like for this space of mine to slowly bring you along for the ride as we open doors, question things, face our fears and keep learning, moving forward.

Are you ready?

Here's to the next 5 and 27!

* I was invited to review this theatre performance at HOME, however, all views are my own :).