Alan ( Babyjohn Choi ) and Fleur ( Cherry Ngan ) //  Source :  The Way We Dance

Alan (Babyjohn Choi) and Fleur (Cherry Ngan) // Source: The Way We Dance

Okay, I have decided:

The Way We Dance is the ultimate pick-me-up/let's-kick-the-Monday-blues-to-the-curb/we-got-this film for 2017 until further notice. I have just finished watching it and I have no intention of letting this sudden swell of inspiration bubbling inside me go anytime soon. Granted I would have liked to have seen this earlier in the day to give a bit more time to do something productive with my Sunday but it's okay as I know of it now and that is all that matters.

My Netflix finds of late have been pretty jammy and this is one I could not keep to myself. Not without flaws, The Way We Dance is an uplifting story that acts as a kind of homage to the lengths passionate people will go to when it comes to the things that they love. It is centred on the daughter of a Tofu restaurant owner's attempt at pursuing her dream of becoming a member of BombA - a popular street dance crew - and what she is prepared to do in protecting that dream. Directed by Adam Wong (She Remembers, He Forgets; Magic Boy; When Beckham Met Owen), this funny, inspirational film that flirts with drama and hangs out with the likes of dance, parkour and Tai Chi has challenged me to dedicate more time to work on the somewhat dormant side projects of mine as that is the only way they will go anywhere - even if they end up up in my pile of failures.

If you are struggling to take steps towards some goals you've set yourself or simply get out of bed or find meaning in what your doing then you may want to check out The Way We Dance and check out the diverse talent that includes the likes of Cherry Ngan (At Cafe 6; The Midnight After; Nightfall), Tommy 'Guns' Ly, Lokman Yeung and Babyjohn Choi (Ip Man 3; 12 Golden Ducks; Twilight Online) amongst others, whilst it's still on Netflix. That or fully appreciate the sunshine Spring has shared with us these past couple days - fingers crossed there are many more to come!

One little nugget of wisdom that I took away from this film is this: the thing that you may think is holding you back from moving closer to goals may be there to test your resolve and challenge you to change your perspective and therefore find alternative solutions

Now, spring forth little ones and knock next week outta the park. YOU GOT THIS! ;)