Lolling and Rolling   //  Source : Photo by Thomas Lenden -  Courtesy of HOME

Lolling and Rolling // Source: Photo by Thomas Lenden -  Courtesy of HOME

It looks like March is jam-packed with amazing events here in Manchester.  Just last weekend I attended Wonder Women 2017 to support Cine-Sister's 1st short film screening programme amongst other artists sharing their views on body image, gender, religion and much more. It was truly enlightening! 

And now, I bring you news on the award-winning SICK! Festival which is running throughout this month (8th - 25th) across multiple locations in Manchester - Contact, HOME, The Lowry, STUN and the Whitworth. If you are keen on seeing theatre productions, films, dance performances and works of art shedding light on and honouring the struggles we all may face mentally, physically and/or socially then you

may want to check out SICK! Festival's line up. There are a handful of performances that have caught my eye, two of them being Jaha Koo's 'Lolling and Rolling' - as I am about all things South Korea at the moment - and Robert Softley's 'If These Spasms Could Speak'. Amongst the stories of those whose voices have not been accurately represented in the media, I would also like to hear more of those from bodies that are different from "the norm". Aaaand I would also like to catch Candy Chang's travelling 'Before I die I want to___' public installation and Anoek Nuyen's journalistic theatre project, 'Help' as well!

If These Spasms Could Speak   //  Source : Photo by Eoin Carey - Courtesy of HOME

If These Spasms Could Speak // Source: Photo by Eoin Carey - Courtesy of HOME

Which event tickles your fancy?