Doors open at 7pm…

Last Wednesday, I dashed across to Albert Hall after work (with the sis in tow) to be as close to the start of the queue for NAO’s concert as I could. None of this standing at the back of the hall unable to make out the silhouette of the musician I came to see nonsense. No, we ended up with front row seats on the top tier as gone are the days where I am going to stand for hours, pressed up against hundreds of people jiving to what can sometimes feel like different songs.

We were happy.

That was until it dawned on us that the ticket did not read that the concert will start at 7pm. And we were huuungry! However, we used the hour before the lovely and talented Jamie Issac opened the show at 8pm to catch up and laugh at my eagerness to be on time. And when NAO did take the stage, it made the whole queuing early worth it. The woman is so incredibly gifted!! She is pretty much the only musicians whose songs I know the lyrics to now. I first came across NAO at Parklife a few years ago and instantly feel in love with her music. I cannot accurately describe her sound but it always makes me feel like I am sliding down a velvet chute with a light breeze gliding across my skin as peace embraces me. Yeah… there is a very good reason why I do not review music folks.

Just listen to this: