About last night

When Anna Newton announced she’ll be touring the UK to promote her book, An Edited Life, I prayed she and her publishers would find it in their hearts to stop by Manchester and find it they did. I can’t quite remember when I first came across her YouTube channel but I’m pretty sure I was still at uni and she was still going by ViviannaDoesMakeup. And although our foundation colours are on opposite sides of the spectrum, I found myself drawn to her warm, energising personality and her equally captivating writing. Nothing has changed on that front.

My good friend B snapped us up a couple tickets as soon as it was announced the revamped Blackwells on Oxford Road would be hosting her book event. And now, I can confidently say she is as lovely in person as she is on her various social media platforms. I haven’t read her book yet but if it is anything like her various blog posts, YouTube videos and newsletters on “streamlining your life at work and at home”, I am sure I will enjoy it - especially the sections on budgeting and meal planning!

What I admire most about Anna is how… consistent (I am sure there is a better word) her representation of herself and her interest is in everything that she does. Does that make sense? Be it a blog post, an Instagram Story, a tweet, a YouTube video or a podcast episode, she sounds / is the same. I look forward to the day where I am that aligned…

P.S. And yes, you’re right - I did miss an upload last week. But, as Anna mentions quite early on in her book, we have to be kind to ourselves so I’m letting myself off. After all, I’m only human.