That's what he called me one Tuesday afternoon as I was listening to an Abi Morgan lecture whilst doing my set tasks for the day and failing miserably. I laughed, sensing that is something I should not want to be and replied, 'That is something I want to dispel' to his earlier statement: 'So you're the new company redcoat?' which was accompanied with a chuckle. We both laugh and I watched him walk away from my desk to go make himself a new cup of whatever hot beverage he enjoys drinking. Once he was out of view I quickly went onto Google to find out what my new found role was.

(in the UK) an organizer and entertainer at a Butlin’s holiday camp
— Google

I studied the definition and permitted the resignation bubbling in my mind to spill out and wash over my face. My email signature reads that I am a corrosion engineer but lately it does not appear that I am. My actions show that I engineer training sessions and seminars and do more project management & coordination activities more than breaking apart problems related to corrosion and discovering feasible solutions. Cannot say that I like this fact all too much. Do not get me wrong, I do relish the act of organising but, I pray the tables tip in the favour of organising & participating in the completion of asset integrity related problems as opposed to other scenarios in the near future. 

Red coat.

Funny that. For the first time I actually own one now. Although I'd say its more maroon that red.