And just like that I can now breathe a little easier.

For the past few months I have been working on an all-consuming project at work which felt like it was going to suck me in whole, chew me up and never let me leave but I am so happy to say I made it out alive! Okay, maybe I am being slightly dramatic but I think it is allowed. I have not been able to truly catch a long enough moment to regain balance for a while now.  And now that I have practically handed the project over to the clients to review and it's the weekend, I feel much more at ease and free to let my hair out (my hair doesn't fall down... yet! One day my hair will grow past my earlobes!), play hard, learn loads, fail with a smile and actively chase side projects that have caught my eye.

There is so much I want to share life-wise which I could do now but I feel I need to let the ideas marinate a bit before I do. It's nothing major really, just you know the fact that I think I have FINALLY figured out what my next major step will be towards being unashamedly and superlatively me.  

No biggie.

The scary thing about this next step is it will mean I will be effectively starting from scratch kind of akin to a primary school pupil. Now, I have no problem with learning new things and skills but I am painfully aware that no one will be as patient with me being a newbie as people are with young kids so I have to hit the ground running hard... but smart too. And my trusty ever-present fear fairy is never out of earshot so I am attempting to work with my insecurities in order to move forward; even if it is just a little bit.

And as Tesco rightly says: 'Every little helps'.

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